How Do I Delete Books From Kindle App

How remove a book from Kindle on PC.

i bought 4 free book on amazon but no longer want then. The delete function doesnt do anything… the image is still there (ready for re-download). I deleted it off which removed 2 of the 4 books. How are you suppose to delete them permanently?

There are two ways to remove a Kindle book:1. On Kindle device or Kindle on PC apps, you can’t remove book permanently. Those removed books still appear on your Amazon cloud for you to download later.2. To remove a Kindle book permanently, You need to go to your Amazon account to remove the book.Here you can find the two different ways of removing Kindle books:

How to trnasfer ebooks from Comptuer to kindle app on Smartphone..

I have the LG optimus from at&t. I have a amazon kindle app that came with the phone. I have tried to drag and drop ( like i did with my music and had much success) my ebook into the kindle app. It worked for one but when I deleted it, it will not allow me to add any other books. The computer says it on there, but…

Uninstall Kindle app on your phone and delete the entire Kindle folder on it. Then reinstall and copy the kindle books to the Kindle folder on your phone. Descendants books for free

How do I get books onto my iPad.

So my aunt gave me her old iPad. It is still linked to her kindle for some reason, and her apps, but also linked to my own apple id. So I get whatever she purchases for kindle and apps, and whatever I purchase for apps. But I do not know how to put the books that I purchase from my kindle on my mac on the iPad. How…

The only ID that matters for Kindle books is what Amazon account the Kindle app registered to. This information will be in the settings of the Kindle reader app. Kindle reader apps and devices can only be registered to ONE Amazon account and can only access the Kindle books purchased by (or gifted to) that one account. Right now the Kindle app on your iPad is probably still registered to your aunt’s Amazon account.So your choices are,,,CHOICE 1. If you want to keep all of the Kindle books your aunt already has in the Kindle reader…. Leave the Kindle app registered to your aunt’s Amazon account and have her buy the ebooks you want at Amazon. OR from your own Amazon account you could gift the Kindle books you want to her Amazon account (you choose the Gift button at Amazon instead of the Buy button) but note – she may need to go on Amazon to accept the gift and have it delivered to her old reader app on your iPad.CHOICE 2. If you don’t mind having all of your aunt’s Kindle books deleted from the reader app, and you want to buy Kindle books in your own Amazon account to read in the reader app:If you don’t already have an Amazon account, create your own Amazon account (btw when you set up your account at Amazon it does need a credit or debit card even if you plan to only buy free Kindle books or plan to use a gift card).Then in the Kindle App’s settings, de-register the Kindle app. That will cause ALL of your aunt’s Amazon-purchased content in it to be deleted from the iPad. No register the reader app to your own Amazon account. I would now do a Sync or visit the Amazon store in the reader to make sure it connects to the internet and send its registration info to your Amazon account. NOW when you buy Kindle books at Amazon you will be able to have them delivered to the Kindle app on the Ipad (since the app is now registered to you). if you have already purchased Kindle books, go to Manage Your Kindle on Amazon and each of your purchases to your newly registered reader app.

How do delete a pdf from the kindle fire.

When you open the Adobe app, long clicking the file doesn’t open up a menu so I can delete.PDFs aren’t in the Documents folder on the Kindle Fire?Where are they located? I downloaded 4 of the same thing because it didn’t show up until I got the Adobe app.

If you want to keep the clutter off your Amazon Kindle Fire, you’ll have to learn how to delete books from the device.1. Select Books on the home screen.2. Select Device at the top of the screen.3. Tap and hold the book you wish to delete, and then select Remove from Device.

how do i delete kindle ebooks on my tablet.

I have the kindle app on my Android tablet and i cant figure out how to delete the books i downloaded and dont want anymore. I can remove them, but then they just end up in my archived items. Any suggestions?

ive heard that you need to log onto your amazon account and delete them that way, from archive items

How to permanently delete books off my kindle.

I have some books I want to delete from my kindle history permanently, because I want to trade books with my little cousin and I don’t want her to read some of them because of language/sexual content. How do I do this? (I have the first kindle not the kindle fire)

you have to right click on them in the app itself then you will get the delete option.I would make another recommendation as i found other cheaper ways to get hold of my ebooks you will find more reading material on every niche than you could read in your lifetime on this site where you can jsave hundreds on books and ebooks. What i hate most about ebooks is paying the same price for them as a paper book. with this site i paid once to join and got all my fav books and have never had to pay for a book since its my fav site on the net!

How do you delete books and apps off the Kindle Fire Cloud.

I just got a Kindle Fire and I know how to delete items from Device but I want to delete them off the Cloud tab. Thank you!

To delete most items from your Kindle Fire, press and hold the item and tap “Remove from Device” or “Delete.”To permanently remove a title from your Kindle account (this is the only way you can have an item not show via the Cloud on your Kindle Fire):1. Locate the item you wish to delete in the Your Kindle Library section of Manage Your Kindle on you PC/MAC ( Click on “Delete from Library” in the “Actions” menu to permanently remove the title.After the title is removed from your account, you will no longer have access to re-download this title unless you re-purchase it. Existing copies of this title already on your device must be manually removed. Once you delete your books/apps from your device, go to settings and select sync, this will sync your Kindle with your account (cloud) and you should no longer see what you deleted from your Kindle.Have a great day.

How do I delete an e-book from the kindle app on my HTC Evo Shift phone.

The Kindle App for all Android phones has a More option included on the menu that has a Remove Items option. Here’s a video that walks you through what to do:

How do I delete a book from the Kindle app for Android(cell phone, wirelesz).

Ugh, android won’t let me see the whole category listLet’s try this. Cell phone, cellphone.

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