How To Get Cheap Books

How to get cheap flights from Boston Ma. to Anchorage Ak.

Are the fares cheaper if you book way in advance? We are planning to go in late August.

Yes, fares tend to be much cheaper the further in advance you book.Try searching travel sites that will help collect the best rates together. is my favorite, although it doesn’t include Southwest, which you have to check on your own. You may already be aware that there aren’t any direct Anchorage-Boston flights, so you’ll need to make at least one stop. The quickest one would probably be in Seattle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be the best price.It’s going to be a long trip… bring a good book.

How to: Booking flights cheap.

I was reading this article about booking last minute flights: I was wondering is this really the best way to get a cheap flight or can you get a better deal if you book a flight awhile ahead of time?

Booking at the last minute can be expensive but, there are discount places out there that would have you believe that there are deals to be had if you book at the last minute. I’m sure that there are those great deals out there but, I think they are most likely few and are risky.If you really mean “at the last minute,” that,…is a very bad idea…you may not get a deal at the ticket counter because there are no seats available. Have you ever tried to book a seat on a plane at the last hour before a flight leaves? VERY EXPENSIVE!!!! They know you need to fly, at that moment, at that airport, on that flight and you are in a rush…You need them more than they need you…and they know it…The better way to book, is to go online and shop & compare. Look for deals or specials…Some airlines have specials, for early bookings. I don’t know where you plan to fly, but, in the USA, for instance, SOUTHWEST AIRLINES has a program called DING…which you can download onto your computer and it sends you notices of specials, usually several times during the week. These specials, which require a certain amount of days prior to the flight, are mush less expensive than their normal rates, or rates of other airlines…Good luck!

How to get free books

I want to know about the stratagy to pass national dental board exam -1..

What to study?How to study? where can i get cheap books for NBDE-1 etc.

Make sure your notes are in order and study, study, study!!!Study everything you learned in dental school; why would you need ‘cheap’ books if you’ve gone through your schooling already?Best of luck to you, Dr!:)

Book writing/ publishing.

OK Does anyone know how to get a book published for very very cheap like for example the harry potter series get them published around the world????

Get these two books:Writer’s Market (the Bible of publishing)andIdiot’s Guide to Getting Published.

How to get cheap ticket for trip to Hawaii.

How to get the right flight for trip to Hawaii. I’m planning to go with my family end of this year.cheers,Aziml

Aziml,First of thing, you can search through seacrh engine google or yahoo and put in “cheap ticket hawaii” or “cheap ticket to hawaii” or “how to get cheap flight to hawai” or any word that will help you to get what you expect. I think many website have explained how to get the cheapest ticket not to hawaii only but for travelling to any place in the world.I already found a website that may be can help you to get what you want. Pls go for yourinformation.cheers,Derick Sam,

How do I get cheap books for college.

I am about to enter into my junior year at college and I know people everywhere buy books online for cheap but I don’t know how they go about what is safe, reliable way to get cheap text books

Most major bookstores are safe and reliable to buy from. By major I mean the big players like Amazon, Ebay,, Alibris, Abebooks, etc… Now the question is how to find the book you are looking for at the lowest price? There are what is known as book price comparison sites that searches all of the majore online bookstores and returns a list of the lowest prices. You do not buy from the book price comparison site but instead click a link from their site to the book on the booksellers site, so you do not have to put in any personal information. It is just a very good tool for buying books, especially textbooks. An example of such a site is I would estimate that you can save at least 50% on most textbooks this way. Hope this helps.

how to get cheap homeschooling.


There are several things that make homeschooling more expensive. Buying a pre-packaged curriculum, buying new textbooks for some or all subjects, hiring a lot of private tutors, and/or buying other expensive equipment can make homeschooling very expensive. There are ways you can limit the cost of homeschooling, but like another poster said you have to sacrifice one thing to get another, and if you want homeschooling to be inexpensive you have to do a lot of extra work yourself. Some things you can do to keep homeschooling costs down:- Find out where you can get a copy of your state’s and/or districts educational laws and curriculum outlines for each grade for free. In my case that place was the public library. If you can’t get it for free, find out where you can get it for the lowest price, or consider borrowing or buying a second-hand copy of the appropriate book(s) in the “What Your X Grader Needs to Know” series (but be careful, since this series doesn’t cover all grades).- Skip the pre-packaged curricula and the new textbooks entirely. If you can’t or don’t want to do that, at least see if there’s some way you can look through the materials you want to buy before you buy them so you can see if they will actually work for you and you don’t waste your money. Buy curricula and textbooks second-hand if you can, or see if you can borrow textbooks from your local school district for free.- Rely on free or cheap resources instead. Get a membership in any libraries near you that are open to the public (your town’s public library the libraries in neighboring towns, or even college libraries if you live near any kind of college) and us their resources. Libraries can usually loan books, videos or DVDs, music, and the like. If your library doesn’t have something you may be able to get it through inter-library loan. Libraries might also have free or cheap educational programs open to the public that you could attend. Look into other organizations in your area as well, like museums of local branches of the YMCA, to see what they offer. Try to think of ways you can do things that are outside the box (e.g. you don’t need an expensive gym membership to do phys. ed., you can do things like walking or swimming for free or for a low cost if you live near a park, lake, public swimming pool, some place with a running track that is left open for public use, etc.)- If you need an outside teacher for something, see if you can trade services with someone. For example, trade babysitting for free music lessons.- Find a local homeschooling group and ask the members for advice on what they do to keep costs down.

Any Ideas on How To Get Cheap Books and What Books To Get.

I’m 12 and I love to read. I’m looking for some good books to read and places on the internet to get them cheap. There are no used book stores or anything like that around here so please don’t suggest that. Is there any place on the internet I can get them?For suggestions, I LOVE fantasy, horse…

may I recommend the local library? :-)or your school library?you can get huge lots of these kinds of books on but you will need a credit card/paypal, your parents can help you with this.I buy a lot of great books cheap around $3-4 each on

How to get a cheaper rate on my booked hotel room.

I booked a room at a motel for a few nights. It was the last room available. Online it would cost a total of $171 (non-cancellation). Just as I was about to hit “reserve”, I called the motel just to verify a few things. The clerk asked if I wanted to just reserve on the phone, which would give me the…

If the cheaper price were still available on-line, you could just cancel the phone reservation and rebook on-line. However, in this case with the motel sold out, there’s no guarantee that the lower price would still be available when you go to rebook. The phone-in price and on-line price do not have to be the same. I booked a hotel in Bologna, Italy on line in the morning. After work, I went and checked in – there was a walk in checking in at the same time. The price they gave her was twice what I had paid on-line for an identical room.

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