How To Move Books From Device To Cloud On Kindle

Kindle or Nook……………….

Which is better? Here is the abilities im looking for:Being able to download multiple books and read them wherever I may be.Being able to download plenty of music, just like an mp3 player or ipod would be able to.Long battery life.Durability.Internet acsess, maybe.Here are a few questions I have…

In my opinion the kindle is better on both the feature, selection and price front. The kindle fire is a full media tablet, whereas the nook color is just a color ereader.And the kindle monochrome devices are better and cost less then the nook monochrome devices.You can get a good deal on a kindle and compare the different models here-…The basic monochrome e-ink kindles are best if your primary goal is ereading only since the screen has no backlit and you can read for hours at a time with no eye-strain.You might consider one of the 3g e-ink kindles if you love the web, since with those you can browse blogs/news/facebook etc anywhere (vs just wifi hotspots on the basic wifi only kindle).If your primary goal is a color tablet for web browsing and software (and only secondarily an ereader), then the new kindle fire is the best choice. On the con side it has a regular laptop screen, not e-ink, so not as easy on the eyes for long term reading, but the kindle fire web browsing can handle flash & youtube & you can run thousands of google android software apps on it, in addition to accessing moves/music and ebooks. The kindle fire is very much like an ipad functionally.Regarding your questions:Long battery life. The monochrome e-ink kindles have the best battery life (about a week under heavy use and more under less heavy), wheres and kindle fire lasts about 8 hours between charges.Durability. – All kindles seem pretty durable (i’ve had a kindle 2 and 3 without issues). The kindle fire has a new super strong screen that is pretty hard to break.Internet acsess, maybe. – The basic touch kindles and the kindle fire can use the internet on wifi hotspots (airports, resturants like mcdonalds, or your home if you have wireless internet setup).You could also consider one of the free 3g kindles if you want to use the internet for free everywhere.Here are a few questions I have about said features:How much do the books that you buy cost? – Average cost of amazon books is $10, with some as low as $2-4Do I have to be connected to the internet to buy the books? If you have a wifi kindle you need to be in a wifi hotspot, and if you have a 3g kindle you can buy them anytime pretty much :).How much memory does it have? Enough for me to have plenty of books and music?Between 4-8gb depending on the model. I’ve never run out of space personally and have hundreds of books and music on mine. Plus, the way the amazon cloud works it doesn’t matter so much since you can delete an item from your local kindle and redownload it later if you want to read it again.

Is Barnes and Noble desperate or clever.

They’re giving away a free nooks to everyone who buys a $20 magazine subscription and applying heavy discounts on the other nooks with the very same subscription.What a bold move for the cloudless book merchant who just got burned by the Kindle Fire.

Hi L’aigrette, first of all ignore those Amazon trolls George Y and Rose D that are definitely Amazon employees according to the history of their posts on “great” Kindle. Personally I think that’s a great move as the price is subsidized by the newspapers and magazines and not by Barnes & Noble as I heard.Second, you’ve got a lot to learn about Nook I see. Nook has always had Cloud as your ebooks are stored in your online Cloud library as well as downloaded to your device – this way you can get them onto another device if one gets broken or can share between several Nooks. Also, Nook has microSD slot that can take up to 32 GB card – Kindles do not have the expansion slot of any kind – and you cannot store your personal files (like PDF’s you get somewhere other than Amazon) in their Cloud.You also need to know that according to Consumer Reports, CNET, PCWORLD, etc. pro reviews Nook Simple Touch is the best ereader on the market. Also, If you walk in with the Nook to Barnes & Noble store, you’re allowed to read ANY available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi where Nook eBook store has over 4.5 million of paid and free books (more than Kindle store).About Kindle Lemon ..errr Fire – widely reported problems with Kindle Fire are that it runs hot to touch, video playback is jerky, touch screen is not responsive and it takes 2-3 touches to register, power button placement is very poor and is prone to accidental power off, all the hype of Silk browser is not true where the browsing is actually slower than on other Android tablets, Wi-Fi connection gives a lot of trouble to users on it, etc.Nook Tablet stole about 2 million of Kindle Fire sales so far and Nook has been getting rave reviews and it is the best device in it’s class – much better than Kindle Fire. It’s got Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Angry Birds, etc., the best battery life (30% better than Fire), the best non-glare laminated screen (vs. very reflective screen of Fire), double the RAM and space for apps/photos/movies, microSD slot, a microphone for Skype, and physical volume controls on the side (neither of those is on Kindle Fire.)A couple of pro’s takes on Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Lemon:CNET:We streamed Netflix side by side with the Kindle Fire, and head-to-head comparisons were very favorable to the Nook–it simply looked better.PCWORLD:The Nook Tablet’s unique display has less reflectivity than the Kindle Fire’s, and so is easier to read. The Nook Tablet’s display was dazzling overall. The IPS display is laminated and bonded; so unlike on other tablets’ displays–including the Kindle Fire’s–there’s no annoying, visible air gap between the glass screen and the LCD beneath.Laptop MagWhether it’s the bigger amount of RAM or just more mature software, the Nook Tablet feels a lot faster than the Fire. Where the Fire often seems sluggish and, on our tests, often failed to respond to our taps until we hit an icon two or three times, the Nook Tablet was always smooth and responsive.Also, one should think twice about getting anything from Amazon at all considering how they treat employees at their warehouses (see link below.) Free coloring books by mail

Regular Kindle vs. Kindle Fire.

Okay, so I’m thinking about buying a kindle or kindle fire pretty soon only I have some questions/problems.I really want one for the books. Honestly, I mean the videos, music, etc is really cool but I’m really just looking for a good ereader. Now I’ve read discussions that kindle fire is wifi based…

Hi, Elangs, how important is that to download your book anywhere? You can download them several ebooks at once when you get Wi-Fi connectivity and you don’t need connection to read them. Also, no point in getting 3G Kindle now as they limit what web sites you can access (only Amazon store and Wikipedia are allowed.) E-Ink devices do not support app store. The only E-ink models I would take into consideration are Nook Simpletouch from Barnes & Noble and the new Kindle Touch (non-ad-supported) that both cost $139. Ad-supported Kindle models show full page ads to you (and everyone around you) every time they go to sleep mode and also show 2 line ads right there at your home screen – so annoying that Amazon even released a software that for $30 can convert ad-supported Kindle into non-ad-supported one. Non-touch screen Kindle models are such basic stone age devices (with page turn lag, buttons, and black blinks/flashes on each page turn) that I would not even speak about them. Nook (unlike Kindle) supports eBooks in ePub format that is the universal format most used in the world. Current e-Ink Nook Simpletouch has the latest generation touch screen display, no page turn lag, it weights less, its battery lasts twice as long (two months on one charge), it has microSD slot and it doesn’t blink on each page turn – much better than current Kindle 3 or Kindle Keyboard. Nook Touch is still better designed than even the new Kindle Touch with battery lasting two months with ONE hour reading a day with Wi-Fi off thus it’s still twice as long as new Kindle’s two months with HALF and hour a day with Wi-Fi off. It looks like Kindle didn’t get any battery improvement in the new model, they only changed the test condition. More, Kindle Touch still flashes black on each page turn while Nook Touch reduces the flashing by 80%. Nook Touch and Nook Color (unlike Kindle) have microSD card slot to take a card (class 6 or above) up to 32 GB. If you walk in with the Nook to Barnes & Noble store, you’re allowed to read ANY available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi.Before you think of getting a Kindle Fire, here’s some limitations of it that you need to consider:- Kindle Fire doesn’t have microSD slot that, for example, Nook Color has thus it is stuck with 6 GB usable internal storage unlike Nook Color that can get up to 32 GB card in. Kindles are made to be almost like a “dumb terminal” of the past to make sure you’re tied up to Amazon’s storage on the web (for which you need Wi-Fi connection to get to) and you can only store content you get from Amazon there, not other files. Quoting Amazon on Kindle Fire: “Free cloud storage for all Amazon content”. Get it, Amazon content?- The stats of how long the battery can last (Kindle Fire theory is 7.5 hours) are taken with Wi-Fi off. It will last only about 3 hours if you use it to access content from their Cloud storage over Wi-Fi.- Amazon can spy on your web activity through their new cloud-integrated web browser of Kindle Fire.- VERY IMPORTANT – lack of microSD slot means that if you decide to root your Kindle Fire, you’ll have to root the actual device thus there will be no coming back. On Nook Color, you can make it boot from a “rooted” microSD card and if you want to get back to the original Nook you can just take out the card and reboot.- Kindle Fire doesn’t have a camera.- Kindle Fire has about 70% less usable screen area than iPad 2.- Kindle doesn’t support eBooks in ePub format that is the most used format in the world.- Kindle app store contains only Amazon approved apps and it does not include (and will not include) Netflix app that iPad has and Nook Color is getting thus again you’re stuck with Amazon content only.- Amazon confirmed that you cannot download anything to Kindle Fire when traveling outside US.- Amazon says it will review every app in its Appstore for Fire compatibility, as part of an automated process. Rejected apps will include those that rely on a gyroscope, camera, WAN module, Bluetooth, microphone, GPS, or micro SD. Apps are also forbidden from using Google’s Mobile Services (and in-app billing), which, if included, will have to be “gracefully” removed. In terms of actual content, Amazon has outlawed all apps that change the tablet’s UI in any way (including theme- or wallpaper-based tools), as well as any that demand root access.- I’d recommend waiting for Nook Color 2 that is rumored to be released by Barnes & Noble shortly.

Kindle vs nook..please help..

Hi there, let me start off by saying i know nothing bout e-readers so i apologize in advance if these questions sound stupid to anyone…I want an e-reader but don’t know what to choose, i just want a plain one so i’m torn between the plain ol kindle vs the nook. My questions are i’ve heard the kindle…

Comments from an owner of Kindle and Nook:…Ads are not a big deal, they are there when you are not reading or doing anything and I dont think any one looks at the home screen of Kindle for that long for ads to bother them.Pros for Kindle Paperwhite:- Has better resolution- Good amount of fonts- Better prices for books- Amazon services like prime membership and free cloud storage- Built-in lightWhile Pros for Nook:- Free downloads of books in-store- Support to various formats- Over 2 Million titles

Kindle Fire Help Question.

Hi all. On my Kindle Fire I used Instant Video Service. I purchased Dexter Season 1 and then clicked download. I subsequently did that with Seasons 2 and 3. My purchases went through (as stated on credit card and account). However, Dexter Seasons 1,2,3 appeared in my cloud drive AND device and Season 1 was…

The Fire only has about 6g of usable space. Not nearly enough for all those episodes. Move whatever you’ve seen to the cloud in order to free up space to download the episodes that you haven’t seen. You can keep track of how much usable space you have by going to “settings” and then “device”.

Is there a way to move e-book purchases from Barnes & Noble to the Kindle Fire.

I have access to a home PC and iPad, in case I can transfer through apps. My daughter got B&N gift cards and Kindle for Xmas, I have no idea how to get ebooks from B&N to Amazon. Please Help!!!!

Hi T M, the best solution would be to return Kindle and get Nook instead. According to Consumer Reports, CNET, PCWORLD, etc. pro reviews Nook Simple Touch is the best ereader on the market.E-Ink Nook Simple Touch from Barnes & Noble at $99 (without ads) has twice the battery life of Kindle Touch ($139 without ads), faster page turns than Kindle, and microSD card slot to expand capacity that neither Kindle has. With Nook you can checkout eBooks from public libraries – just need to get Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software (free from Adobe site). Also it’s worth mentioning that if you walk in with any Nook to Barnes & Noble store, you’ll get tech support and you’re allowed to read ANY available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi where Nook eBook store has over 2.5 million of paid books and about the same number of free public domain books. Nook already has Cloud as your ebooks are stored in your online library as well as downloaded to your device. Nook Simple Touch actually has a hidden web browser – just press the virtual “Search” button at the bottom of your Nook’s screen and key a URL into the search bar when it comes up.

How do you move your Ebook to your Amazon account for Kindle.

How do you move an Ebook that you downloaded from somewhere else onto your Amazon account for the Kindle?

You can’t add it to your account. Kindle cloud storage at Amazon is for Amazon-puchased Kindle content.You can add it to your Kindle by sideloading it if it is a Kindle-compatible non-DRM format like mobi, html, pdf, or txt.(You cannot move epub files nor any DRM-protected books (such as a book your bought for Nook or a book someone else bought on their Amazon account). The only DRM-protected books that can be used on your Kindle are ones that were purchased in your Amazon account or gifted to your Amazon account. Non-DRM free books that are in an incompatible format, like unprotected epubs, may be converted to a Kindle-compatible format with the free program Calibre)Connect your Kindle to your PC with the USB cable. On the PC, open the Kindle like you would open a memory card (go to My Computer & open the Kindle device). Copy the book to the Kindle’s Documents folder.Alternately, you may be able to use the SendToKindle app – this is probably betetr if you have a Kindle fire with Kindle reading app. warning – hopefully the book you have is legally downloaded – either purchased or legally free like old classics (Tale of Two Cities etc). If you put cracked stolen commercial books on your Kindle then Amazon can ban you (or whoever’s account your Kindle is registered to) from Amazon.

How do I remove my books on my kindle without losing them.

I am low on my internal storage on my kindle so I need to take some books off of my kindle. How do i move the books? I have the first model kindle so I can’t just do anything fancy that the other models may be able to do.

If you bought the ebooks at Amazon then you can always re-download them from Amazon as long as your Kindle device or app is registered to the same account. You can delete them from your Kindle then later if you want that ebook again just download it while on your Kindle, from the Kindle Cloud tab/display (or Archived Items, for old Kindles). Or you can go to the Manage Your Kindle (aka Manage Your Content & Devices) page at where you will find a list of all of your Amazon-purchased Kindle ebooks and each (or a selected group at once) can be “Delivered” to one of yoru registered Kindle devices or apps.Exceptions… A few Kindle ebooks have limits on how many devices the ebook can be on at once (like some e-textbooks only allow one copy at a time).===If you have ebooks on your Kindle that you DID NOT buy at Amazon then it’s up to you to copy those off and store them somewhere. They are NOT in the Kindle Cloud.If you have a Kindle Ereader, the ebooks are probably stored in its Documents folder.If you have a Kindle Fire, there are both Documents and Books efolders and some formats like PDF should be found in Documents and some should be found in Books. These folders may be inside a Kindle folder. The reader should have a setting telling you where the folders are. You’ll have to copy your non-Amazon ebooks over USB to another device to back them up.

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